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Winter Foot Care Tips

23 Dec

Winter Feet Care

We had a beautiful Summer in Vancouver, as we usually do, and now we are in the rainy season where we will be enduring wet weather for…

How to Stay Hydrated During Summer

24 Aug

how to stay hydrated

It’s Summer and it’s the time for long hot days with plenty of activity. These two factors lead to increased perspiration and greater opportunities for the…

How to Buy Healthy, Comfortable Shoes

10 Apr

comfortable shoes

Buying good, comfortable shoes will reduce or eliminate foot pain and also prevent future problems from developing. Good shoes can also reduce the stress on your knees, hips and…

Winter Foot Care Guide

19 Feb


winter foot care

The Winter months wreak havoc on the skin. The air is cold and blistering while indoors it’s warm and dry. This combination leads to dry skin and moisture in our wet…