Properly support the foot and the rest of the body will align itself!! If you have aches and pains…

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Choosing the right shoe to wear requires more than just fashion sense. The shoes you wear are very…

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As we age, and if you stand or sit for much of the day, the system in our…

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Welcome to Pedorthic Works

Pedorthic Works is Vancouver's premier center for custom orthotics, orthopaedic shoes and compression stockings. You don't have to live in pain. Come see us and we will assess your needs and recommend you products to help you live pain free! Small changes can lead to big results!Dr Mann is a registered Chiropractor, Kinesiologist and certified Pedorthist. He offers a holistic approach that encompasses the interlinking systems in the human body.

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The Best Socks For Warmer Weather

Best summer socks

Wearing socks in the warmer Spring and Summer months can be tricky. Your feet are already hot and sweaty and you don’t want to choose a pair of socks that exacerbates…



How to Take Care of Your Feet

take care of your feet

Many people ignore their feet when it comes to their health. Yes, they are a uninteresting part of the body but they carry us from place to place and…



How to Protect Your Feet This Summer

protect your summer feet

Summer is just around the corner which means it’s time for pretty summer sandals and shoes. While you may be excited to bare your newly manicured…