Properly support the foot and the rest of the body will align itself!! If you have aches and pains…

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Choosing the right shoe to wear requires more than just fashion sense. The shoes you wear are very…

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As we age, and if you stand or sit for much of the day, the system in our…

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Welcome to Pedorthic Works

Pedorthic Works is Vancouver's premier center for custom orthotics, orthopaedic shoes and compression stockings. You don't have to live in pain. Come see us and we will assess your needs and recommend you products to help you live pain free! Small changes can lead to big results!Dr Mann is a registered Chiropractor, Kinesiologist and certified Pedorthist. He offers a holistic approach that encompasses the interlinking systems in the human body.

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How to Save Your Feet Walking on a Disneyland Vacation

So you have planned to take your family to Disneyland! You are super excited for the trip but are wondering if you will survive all the walking! As an annual patron of Disneyland I…



How to Slow Bunion Growth

What Are Bunions?

Bunions are a bony protrusion, or bump, that forms at the point where your big toe and foot meet. They start off small and you might not even notice them. They…



How to Avoid Heel Pain When Standing All Day

If you have a job where you stand for long periods of time then I’m sure you have felt heel pain before. It becomes taxing on your body because…