Are Custom Orthotics Worth It?


Custom orthotics can be pricey ranging from $400-$600 in costs but very often they are covered by medical insurance policies. It’s best to check with your coverage provider. The cost covers your visit to a professional Pedorthist where they will examine your lifestyle, body composition, body time, health issues, foot issues and gait. The cost also includes the creation of a custom cast or mold of your foot which is used to create your custom orthotic. Custom orthotics are made of a more durable material than the generic orthotic inserts found in drug stores. They will last much longer and are custom fitted to your body!

Because they are custom fitted to your body they will ensure your bones in your feet, ankles, and knees stay in the proper position. The specially designed angles can help alleviate stress on the ligaments of overweight people as well as reducing the pain caused by diabetes, arthritis and previous injuries. Custom orthotics also enhance mobility and performance while playing sports. Lastly, muscle fatigue is minimized because custom orthotics support connective tissues.

Custom orthotics can last up to anywhere from 2 to 5 years. When they need to be replaced will depend on the materials used to construct the custom orthotic, how they are cared for, your activity level and weight. Also, if you body or health changes you may need to be fitted for a new pair to answer your most current health conditions. Be sure to check annually with your pedorthist to see if your feet or alignment has changed

If you have any of the following you can benefit from custom orthotics: diabetes, foot pain, knee or back pain, obesity and arthritis. Also, if you work on your feet, are an athlete seeking to improve performance or just would like to take preventative health measures. Contact us for more to get fitted for your custom orthotics

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