How to Slow Bunion Growth

What Are Bunions?

Bunions are a bony protrusion, or bump, that forms at the point where your big toe and foot meet. They start off small and you might not even notice them. They may begin as a small sore or bump but over time they can grow into painful protrusions that can become increasingly inflamed and swollen. Eventually, they will interfere with daily mobility and you may need to have surgery to remove them. However, with early intervention you can slow down the progression of bunions

How Do I know If I Have Bunions?

You feel joint pain or pressure around your big toe
You are starting to get corns or callousesHaving flat feet
Your big toe is starting to move inwards
The area around your big toe is swollen and painful

How Did I Develop Bunions?

Many people get bunions but if you bunions run in your family you are more likely to develop them. Some more risk factors include:

Having hypermobile feet
Having a  foot injury or repetitive stress
Having flat feet
Wearing poor fitting shoes, especially high heeled shoes

How Can I Slow Down Bunion Growth?

One non-invasive way to slow bunion growth is with custom orthotics. These customize show inserts improve your balance and alignment by dispersing your weight and pressure more evenly. By keeping your feet in proper alignment, further structural damage to your feet is prevented. At the same time, custom orthotics will also provide relief from bunion pain. Please contact our office or fill out this form to book an appointment.

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