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There are many foot problems that can lead to foot pain. The first course of action is to pinpoint what the underlying issue is which then determines the best treatment plan. Upon diligent adherence to a treatment plan foot pain most often can be alleviated or completely eliminated. Contact us at 604-339-2878 and we can help you eliminate your foot pain.

How to Save Your Feet Walking on a Disneyland Vacation

31 Jan

So you have planned to take your family to Disneyland! You are super excited for the trip but are wondering if you will survive all the walking! As an annual patron of Disneyland I…

How to Slow Bunion Growth

19 Jul

What Are Bunions?

Bunions are a bony protrusion, or bump, that forms at the point where your big toe and foot meet. They start off small and you might not even notice them. They…

How to Avoid Heel Pain When Standing All Day

15 Sep

If you have a job where you stand for long periods of time then I’m sure you have felt heel pain before. It becomes taxing on your body because…

Why The Pandemic is Hurting Your Feet

26 Mar

Walking Barefoot at Home

The pandemic has changed life for many Canadians for over a year now. While the restrictions have been slowly loosening, people are still spending much more time at…

Are You Wearing Bad Shoes?

27 Jun

bad shoes for your feet

Do you have sore feet? Do you know what’s causing them to cause pain? It’s most likely your shoes. over 50% of Canadians confess that…

How Can Custom Orthotics Help Me?

22 Oct

Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are personalized to fit your foot and can help rid or alleviate various foot symptoms relating to numerous medical conditions. Custom orthotics are more than just a foot or heel…

Causes and Relief for Swollen Feet

26 Sep

swollen feet

We all have faced swollen feet and ankles at some point in our lives. Foot swelling is not only uncomfortable, Swollen feet can slow you down by preventing free movement….

Top Swollen Feet Remedies and Causes

29 Jul

Swollen Feet Remedies

We all have faced swollen feet and ankles at some point in our lives. Foot swelling is not only uncomfortable, it can slow you down by preventing free movement….

Custom Orthotics Vs Over the Counter Foot Insoles/Inserts

18 Feb

Custom orthotics vs over the counter foot inserts

Your doctor has recommended that you try custom orthotics and you might be wondering if you can just get a pair of over the counter insoles…

How Long Do Custom Orthotics Last?

19 Oct

custom orthotics

Custom orthotics are extremely effective at aligning the bones of the foot and ankle into the most efficient positions. Custom orthotics correct existing imbalances in your feet by providing…