How Long Do Custom Orthotics Last?

custom orthotics

Custom orthotics are extremely effective at aligning the bones of the foot and ankle into the most efficient positions. Custom orthotics correct existing imbalances in your feet by providing support where needed and reducing the strain on your body.  Custom orthotics are many specifically from your own foot imprints so you cannot get the same fit from over the counter generic insoles. Custom orthotics fit comfortably into your shoes and you won’t even know they are there!

If you are thinking of getting some custom orthotics you may be wondering how long they last. There isn’t a specific “expiry date” attached to them because usage will vary widely among people. It’s best to have periodic evaluations, recommended 6 months, to determine the existing longevity of your orthotic. Custom orthotics that endure heavier usage will usually need to be replaced sooner than others who endure light usage. The average lifespan of custom orthotics is usually around 2-3 years. This is much longer than over the counter insoles which typically last about 3 months before they start to disintegrate.

Once you realize that your custom orthotics need to be replaced it’s best to do so sooner than later. Custom orthotics will flatten out over time and your bones could misaligned again. Contact us and get your custom fitted orthotic today.

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