How to Save Your Feet Walking on a Disneyland Vacation

So you have planned to take your family to Disneyland! You are super excited for the trip but are wondering if you will survive all the walking! As an annual patron of Disneyland I can tell you that you will if you prepare correctly. Yes, it is A LOT of walking but it doesn’t have to ruin your feet or your trip. Here are my tips to get your feet in shape for Disneyland, or any other vacation that requires a lot of walking.

Train For The Walking

You wouldn’t run a marathon without training right? Well, Disneyland is not as extreme as a marathon but it will be tougher to manage if you don’t work up your steps. So get out there and start walking and increase your distance a bit per day. It’ll be best to start at least a month before your trip if you can. Also, unless you are bringing a stroller you will most likely need to carry some sort of backpack for your necessities. Bring along your backpack so you can get used to it’s weight.

Break In Your Shoes Beforehand

Be sure to bring comfortable, supportive shoes and at least 2 pairs. Yes, 2 pairs because you will want to have an extra “fresh” pair to switch into that isn’t compressed from all the walking from the days before. If you wear custom orthotics, be sure to bring those as well. Under no circumstances should you bring new shoes to the park. You would not want to waste a magical Disney day being having foot pain or blisters.

Take Breaks Throughout the Day

There are many areas to put your feet up at Disneyland. They have incorporated many seating areas outdoors and indoors. These areas are shaded and air-conditioned. Take advantage of these by taking many breaks during day to rest your feet. Another good option is to ride the train around the park. It’s scenic and you can rest for 20 minutes. Sometimes that is all you will need to be ready to go again.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated will help you maintain your energy levels as well. There is no need to pay for bottled water either. There are many water bottle refilling stations all over the park. Be sure to pack one and keep it in your backpack.

Elevate Your Legs Afterwards

After you return from the park and if you have sore feet be sure to spend some time with your feet up. The higher you put them the better. A good way to get relief is to lie by a wall and put your legs up against the wall to get your feet higher than your heart for a while. You can do this while watching TV or reading a book. Elevating your feet higher than your heart will help with swelling and improve circulation.


A good stretch can do wonders. Stretch after you get home and also before bed. Muscles can stiffen after lying around for a few hours so be sure to stretch your body during the evening. A good time is after a shower when your muscles are warm.

Follow these tips for a comfortable and magical vacation at Disneyland. If you need custom orthotics or ankle/knee braces place contact us for an appointment.

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