Feet Causing Back Or Knee Pain?


Can back or knee pain be caused by issues in your feet? The answer is absolutely! But how do you determine when foot issues are the cause of back or knee pain. Well, that answer isn’t as simple. Although, most causes of pain stem from the body part in pain (ie back pain is usually related to muscles in the back or an alignment issue in the back). Some complex causes of back pain or knee pain can be a result of abnormal biomechanics in the feet.

Do you answer YES to these questions it may be time to check your feet to see if they are causing your back and knee pain.

Have had knee pain or back pain for over 6 months or even years?
Have you had treatment for the issue without any relief or does the treatment only help for a short period of time but the pain eventually returns?

The feet are the structural support for the entire body. How many hours do you spend on your feet? I’m guessing a lot! The way you walk maybe causing stress to specific joints ie the knees or backs, leading to back pain or knee pain. Correcting the underlying issue with orthotics and supporting the proper alignment in the foot can often result in relief of issues up the kinetic chain. What is the kinetic chain? This is referring to the link between your feet, ankle, knees, back and neck. The chain begins at your feet and goes all the way up, and the other joints are links in the chain. If there is a kink in the chain beginning at the feet it can cause issues or problem up the link or into other joints. Therefore any one who has chronic issues in their back or knees without a specific injury should have their feet examined. Contact us to make an appointment.

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