Footwear for Atheletes

Athlete Footwear

Injuries sustained by individuals while playing high intensity sports or participating in demanding physical activities, such as a marathons, are usually more serious in nature compared to someone who just hurts themselves at home. More people increasingly participating in physical activities to better their health but at the same time they are also subjecting themselves to injuries. Many people live with with pain from injuries sustained while playing sports or other physical activities because they don’t want to give up the activity.

So how do we reduce our risk for injury? We all have been exposed to various techniques such as warming up, stretching, wearing protective equipment or not performing dangerous moves. But what many people don’t know is that footwear plays a large role in the occurrence of injuries Many people unknowingly wear the wrong footwear for their foot type or activity. If you are participating in an activity with fast, vigorous movements the type of footwear you wear is a very important decision. Contact us and we will be able to help you determine what shoe best fits you.

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