How to Care for Custom Orthotics

Caring for Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are invaluable for correcting numerous foot problems and to alleviate foot pain. They are custom molded to your feet by medical professionals and designed to specifically address your individual issues. This is the very reason they are much more effective than over the counter insoles that are mass produced for the general population.

The custom molding process, professional attention required for foot measurement and the durable materials used contribute to the higher cost of custom orthotics. Once you have them made, you will want to take care of them the best you can so you can increase their longevity. If you take care of your custom orthotics you can wear them for up to 5 years, pending that your foot does not change substantially and you do not develop a different foot issue.

Custom orthotic care is actually quite simple and won’t require much time or attention. Some attention to keep them clean and have periodic inspections is all that is necessary. Here is how to care for your custom orthotics:

1.)Check orthotics periodically for wear and tear

Custom orthotic insoles are made with durable materials designed to last. However, they are not designed to last indefinitely and eventually custom orthotics will wear out and need to be replaced. How long a pair of custom orthotics will last will depend on your usage patterns and frequency. Every month or so take out your custom orthotics and inspect them carefully. If they show signs of wear or disintegration they won’t be as effective and it may be time to get measured for a new pair of custom orthotics.

2.)Give orthotics a hand wash occasionally

When you notice that your custom orthotics are starting to get dirty give them a quick wash to eliminate odours and remove stains. Make sure you always hand wash them following this technique. Do not ever machine wash them. To wash your custom orthotics, use a soft cloth and mild soap to give them a good scrub under lukewarm running water. Hot water should never be used and the custom orthotic should never be submerged fully in water and left to soak. After you have washed your custom orthotic, you can allow them to air dry on a rack.

3.) Avoid getting custom orthotics wet

Aside from when you wash them, try not to get your custom orthotics wet as that is when they can get damaged. If your custom orthotics do happen to get wet lay them flat in a well ventilated area to fully dry before you start wearing them again.

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