How to Relieve Sore Feet


We’ve all probably experienced sore feet at some point in our lives. Perhaps you had a job waiting tables that required for you to be on your feet all day. Or maybe you experienced sore feet while on that European vacation when you walked from sight to sight for weeks. Or maybe you were a long distance runner who trained for a few marathons a year. Foot fatigue causes our foot muscles to feel cramped, tired and well…sore. Sometimes the discomfort affects the ankle as well. Foot soreness can be temporary or chronic depending on the underlying cause and can manifest itself in symptoms such as swelling, cramping, ashiness and in even pain. You may feel discomfort in the entire foot or only in certain areas.

The only way to fully alleviate sore feet is to remove the stressor. However, if you work on your feet this may not be possible. Fortunately there are ways to alleviate or reduce the foot soreness and here are some of our top picks:

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Less weight equals less pressure on your feet which results in foot soreness. It’s simple mathematics. It’s also better for your overall health.

Wear Comfortable, Proper Fitting Shoes And Rotate Them

To avoid sore feet, be sure to pick shoe styles that have proper support, adequate room for your foot and fit correctly. Also try rotating your shoes so you can vary the pressure points on your feet. You can rotate shoes per day or even within the same shift.

Use Custom Orthotics to Support And Add Comfort

Custom orthotics can make finding the perfect fitting shoe that much easier by providing the custom support your foot needs.When your feet are adequately supported, sore feet usually subsides.

Get Off Your Feet as Often as Possible

Simply giving your feet a break can prevent sore feet. Throughout the day try to get off your feet whenever you have a chance. Either sit down or put your feet up if possible. Also try to stretch and massage your feet in the morning and the evenings to help loosen and relax your muscles. Foot soaks after a shift are also very relaxing.

Warm Up Properly

Sometimes tight foot muscles can lead to sore feet. Be sure to warm up and stretch adequately when you wake up, before exercise, throughout the day on a shift and after coming home from work. You can simply stretch your feet and wiggle your toes.

If you have sore feet and need relief, please contact us and we would be happy to see what strategies we can use.

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