Ankle Braces

Ankle braces are assistive and/or protective devices made of stretchy or stiff fabric. They usually feature some type of support made of plastic or metal . Ankle braces are very useful in helping heal from a surgery, a minor injury and also as a preventive measure when there is continuous overloading on the ligament structures. When you participate in an activity that requires fast-paced weight changes, extra support can ensure your ankle stays protected. This is where ankle braces come in. Depending on your level or injury or amount of support desired there are many types of ankle braces to choose from.

Types of Ankle Braces

Some ankle braces are pulled on while others lace up or use Velcro straps. The type of ankle brace you will require will depend on the severity of your injury and how much support you require. The ankle braces with the lightest protection are pull-on braces that do not feature reinforcements. These ankle brace types are instead used for compression, helping to minimize inflammation following injury. Ankle braces that use reinforcements on either side of the ankle are more supportive and used after injury or to prevent injury.

How Long Do You Wear Ankle Braces

How long you will need to wear your ankle brace will depend on how severe your injury is. Typically ankle braces are worn anywhere from 10 days to 6 weeks. As long as there is swelling, pain or instability in the ankle you should wear your ankle brace. If you have experienced multiple ankle sprains, you may want to wear an ankle brace as a preventive measure. You can also use an ankle brace during athletic activities as an alternative to taping.  Ankle braces are really beneficial in protecting the ankle from injury during activities where were are many sudden explosive movements. The ankle can also be strengthened with muscle strengthening, mobilizing and coordinating exercises.

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