Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic foot care is of the utmost importance in the management of Diabetes. Diabetics cannot metabolize carbohydrates normally which results in elevated levels of glucose in the body. The high glucose levels in Diabetics result in damages to the nervous and arterial systems which in turn can reduce circulation and sensory responses in the feet. As a result, foot wounds/sores can go unnoticed until it’s too late. By the time the wounds/sores are found bacterial infections have developed and then prolonged healing periods, or even in severe cases, amputation is required. Although, it is common for Diabetics to suffer from more circulation problems, nerve damage and foot infections than non-Diabetics, it doesn’t have to be the case. With proper nutrition and foot care and hygeine, Diabetics can lead healthy lives.

Diabetic foot care involves frequently checking the feet for injuries. Diabetics sometimes have nerve damage to the feet called Neuropathy. Having nerve damage reduces feelings and sensations in the feet so Diabetics can injure their feet without their knowledge because they cannot feel their feet. Common foot injuries include blisters, splinters and cuts from ill fitting shoes. Neuropathy can also cause sweat glands to dysfunction leading to open sores from dry cracked skin. Any type of open sore is an invitation for bacteria and fungi to enter the body.

Once an injury has been endured it is difficult to heal because Diabetics have poor circulation and low blood flow to the feet. Low blood flow makes it challenging to resist infection or heal an injury. If an infection becomes difficult to treat it might lead to amputation to prevent life threatening poisoning from spreading. Luckily, many of these serious situations can be easily be avoided.

We can help Diabetics maintain good foot health by prescribing proper footwear and recommending healthy daily hygiene habits and regimens. Please contact us if you are a Diabetic and need some assistance with your foot care.