At Pedorthic Works we also offer a range of Kinesiology services. Dr. Mann has a Kinesiology degree from Simon Fraser University and is able to help you design individual assessments and customized treatment programs to achieve your fitness, lifestyle or rehabilitation goals. Being able to offer Kinesiology services enhances our holistic approach to wellness and recovery. We view elements of the back, feet and muscles when designing your individual program. The parts of your body do not work in isolation so treatment programs shouldn’t work in isolation.

The Kinesiology services we offer are:

Active Rehabilitation

Injury recovery and prevention through Kinesiology directed exercises designed to increase flexibility, strength and functioning after an injury. Goal is a smooth transition from treatment to previous activity levels.

ICBC Rehabilitation After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Many of the injuries sustained after a motor vehicle accident just won’t disappear on their own. The best way to return to your previous state prior to your accident is through Active Rehabilitation. During Active Rehab a custom exercise plan will be designed specifically to treat your problem areas so you can return to your work or favorite hobbies quicker.

Return to Work Programs

If you have sustained an accident and cannot return to work we will create a customized program to address both your injuries and work demands. We will work with your employer to discuss your work demands and also any possible work-site accommodations.

If you are seeking a Kinesiologist please contact us or make an appointment online.