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How to Avoid Heel Pain When Standing All Day

15 Sep

If you have a job where you stand for long periods of time then I’m sure you have felt heel pain before. It becomes taxing on your body because…

Why The Pandemic is Hurting Your Feet

26 Mar

Walking Barefoot at Home

The pandemic has changed life for many Canadians for over a year now. While the restrictions have been slowly loosening, people are still spending much more time at…

Are You Wearing Bad Shoes?

27 Jun

bad shoes for your feet

Do you have sore feet? Do you know what’s causing them to cause pain? It’s most likely your shoes. over 50% of Canadians confess that…

Causes and Relief for Swollen Feet

26 Sep

swollen feet

We all have faced swollen feet and ankles at some point in our lives. Foot swelling is not only uncomfortable, Swollen feet can slow you down by preventing free movement….

Work On Your Feet? Here Are Ways to Soothe Sore Aches

13 Feb

Standing on Feet All Day?
There are many jobs and occupations that require a worker to be on their feet all day. Whether the work requires stationary standing or walking the feet, legs and…

How to Relieve Sore Feet

15 Aug


We’ve all probably experienced sore feet at some point in our lives. Perhaps you had a job waiting tables that required for you to be on your feet all day. Or…

How to Control Diabetic Foot Pain

23 Jul

Diabetic Foot Pain

Diabetics most often endure some form of foot pain because of nerve damage and poor circulation. Nerve damage occurs due to Peripheral Neuropathy. Peripheral Neuropathy refers to the…

Easy Heel Pain Relief Tactics

28 May


Recently you have stared to feel some heel pain when walking. It may be under the heel or slightly behind it.  You haven’t recently had any injuries and the heel…

What Causes Bunions?

26 Feb


Bunions are not only unsightly but can be painful even to the point where wearing shoes is unbearable. The technical name for a bunion is value valgus and appear when years of…

How to Buy Healthy, Comfortable Shoes

10 Apr

comfortable shoes

Buying good, comfortable shoes will reduce or eliminate foot pain and also prevent future problems from developing. Good shoes can also reduce the stress on your knees, hips and…