The Best Socks For Warmer Weather

Best summer socks

Wearing socks in the warmer Spring and Summer months can be tricky. Your feet are already hot and sweaty and you don’t want to choose a pair of socks that exacerbates the issue. Sure you can avoid this problem all together if you wear sandals but sometimes you will need to don a pair of socks, such on days wear you go for a jog or play sports. To keep your feet cool and happy the best socks to choose are those which breathe.

Choosing a pair of breathable socks will ensure that your feet won’t be sitting in wet sweaty surroundings. If feet are trapped in damp conditions, it would lead to some uncomfortable situations. Bacteria and fungi just thrive in damp and warm conditions and you could develop athlete’s foot, fungal toenails, warts, skin rashes or yeast infections.The best breathable socks may not be the ones you make think and may not be the ones in your drawer. It may be time to go shopping for some new socks

Avoid Cotton Socks

This may seem counter-intuitive because we all seem to wear cotton socks in the warmer months. However, although cotton is a cool, soft material, it quickly absorbs sweat and takes a long time to dry out. Therefore, when you are doing physical activities in warm weather, your feet will be in damp conditions and cotton rubs to create blisters. Instead of buying 100% cotton socks, look for socks with a lower percentage of cotton.

Get Lightweight Socks

To keep your feet cool during summer when the tend to perspire more, go with a lightweight, thinner sock.Some lightweight socks have extra cushioning built into the heel and ball of the foot to provide additional comfort.

Choose Wool Socks

What?? Wear wool socks in the summer? Amazingly, wool fibres keep you warm when it’s cold and keep you cool when it’s warm. Wool fibres perform a process of evaporative cooling where they pull moisture off your skin and move it through to the surface of the fabric where it can evaporate quicker. Merino wool is the most ideal choice and also has superior odor control capabilities. Choose one that is combined with synthetics for the best fit and moisture control
Using these tips will keep your feet healthy, comfortable and happy this summer.

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