Who Is A Pedorthist?

Most people are not sure what Pedorthists are and what they do. These footwear specialists play a vital role when a patient’s foot requires medical attention because then footwear becomes a factor in the patient’s treatment, recovery and rehabilitation. However, if you too do not know what a pedorthist is or does, read on.

What is “Pedorthics”?

Pedorthics (peh-DOR-thiks) is the management and treatment of conditions of the foot, ankle, and lower extremities requiring fitting, fabricating, and adjusting of pedorthic devices.

What is a “Pedorthist”?

A Pedorthist is a specialist who creates, selects or modifies orthopedic footwear and and orthotic devices. Pedorthists are very knowledgeable in assessing muscle and joint function along with lower limb anatomy. They also understand the interaction between a patient’s foot and shoe making them skilled at selecting foot devices to achieve treatment goals and maintain a patient’s current lifestyle. The list of conditions treated include:

  • Diabetes
  • Sports Injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Shin Splints
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Any other foot injuries due to falls and accidents

Are Pedorthists Different From Foot Health Specialists?

As similar as they seem, the two fields are completely different from another. Pedorthists are  specialists experienced with designing, modifying and even fitting custom-made orthopedic and orthotics footwear. However, Pedorthists cannot dispense and prescribe specific treatments for their clients. To see a Pedorthist, you need a referral from a physician or other prescribing healthcare practitioner. After your physician has determined what kind of assistance your footwear should provide for you, they can refer you to a credentialed pedorthist to fill the prescription. These must be The relationship between a foot health specialist and pedorthist is similar to that of a pharmacist and physician.

By having a clear understanding of the two, it can eliminate any and all potential conflict of interests. This means that as a patient, you can choose who provides the treatment as prescribed by your physician. But then again, it goes without saying that this collaboration ensures you get high quality treatment without any hassle.

How Are Pedorthists Trained?

Pedorthists go through a rigorous training process before they are considered eligible for certification by the The College of Pedorthics of Canada. To become a Canadian Certified Pedorthist – C. Ped (C) – a candidate must first complete a university degree that includes courses in the areas of anatomy, biomechanics/gait analysis, medical conditions/diseases, physical assessment and ethics. Next, they must either complete a 12 month post graduate program or 3,500 hours, or approximately two to three year apprenticeship.

Based on stringent levels of pedorthic experience and training, candidates may achieve one of three levels of certification to offer services in an active practice:

• C. Ped Tech (C) – Certified Pedorthic Technician Canada

• C. Ped (C) – Certified Pedorthist Canada

• C. Ped MC – Certified Pedorthic Master Craftsman

More details on these certifications can be found on the website of The College of Pedorthics of Canada at www.cpedcs.ca.