Why The Pandemic is Hurting Your Feet

Walking Barefoot at Home

The pandemic has changed life for many Canadians for over a year now. While the restrictions have been slowly loosening, people are still spending much more time at home than ever before. Previously, people went out to work, socialize, run errands, dine at restaurants and other personal interests. Nowadays, people are working from home, shopping online, ordering take-out and making zoom calls. This increased indoor home time has led to more time spent walking without shoes In addition, most of that walking is on a hard surface thanks to the modern hardwood floor trend. Walking on a hard surface with no protection or support for the foot can lead to many issues. Furthermore, those who wear orthotics are obviously not wearing them because they aren’t wearing their shoes.

Walking for prolonged periods on a hard surface can lead to many foot issues from calaneal apophysitis to plantar fasciitis. It can also cause knee and back problems. Our feet are designed to walk on uneven surfaces similar to what’s found int he wilderness. However, walking on a cold, hard surface is usually what we walk on instead. Shoes give us shock absorption, motion control and support but without them can lead to foot, knee and back pain.

So how do we prevent foot, knee and back pain when this pandemic doesn’t seem to be nearing an end? Buy a pair of indoor shoes and try to wear shoes as much as possible, not just slippers. The shoes should provide adequate support, rigid heel counter, stiff soul, lace-up mechanism and shock absorption. Also, wear your orthotic if you have one. The pain should subside in time as your body adjusts. 

If you have pain in your feet, knees or back, please contact us and make an appointment.

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