Winter Foot Care Tips

Winter Feet Care

We had a beautiful Summer in Vancouver, as we usually do, and now we are in the rainy season where we will be enduring wet weather for probably about 6 months. Being so wet here in Vancouver it’s not uncommon for it to rain days on end or unexpectedly. As such,  Vancouverites are used to the rain and most don’t blink an eye when we get caught without an umbrella and get wet.Even with an umbrella our feet often will still get wet. Wet feet and shoes create a breeding ground for bacteria which could lead to a host of foot problems and issues including athletes foot, fungal infections and other ailments. If you do get caught in the rain, be sure to get out of wet dirty shoes as quickly as possible. It’s a good idea to keep an extra pair of dry shoes at the office to change into.

One easy way to avoid wet feet and shoes is to wear appropriate footwear for the season. Waterproof footwear may not be the most fashionable and as a result many people opt for trendier styles. During wet weather the best footwear will have a good grip and keep your feet as clean and dry as possible. Think of rubber galoshes and boots with a nice thick tread. Avoid shoes made of canvas or leather as the water can soak through. High heels are not a good idea and could lead to falls due to poor traction and grip.

Be sure to wash your feet thoroughly every evening and make sure to get in between the toes as well. A nice foot dip with essential oils will really revive your feet and improve circulation. Toenails should be kept trimmed to prevent dirt from accumulating. Shorter toenails make cleaning easier as well. Make sure to exfoliate your feet often and use moisturizer as well.

Have a happy holidays and stay dry!

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